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About The Collection

Helen Steele - no, you don't need glasses!

Introducing the second collection ‘Nurture & Nature” from Helen Steele. The natural outdoors is the ultimate inspiration for this collection. Helen wanted to create a collection that would have a feeling of wellness and mindfulness on a subconscious level through a carefully constructed colour therapy palette that would help the body and mind connect with each other.

The prints were created by Helen during a Summer Heatwave, after painting all day the designer would walk around her local lake in the evenings as the bright pink sun was setting, casting a warm nurturing glow over the wild purple heather and green grassy reeds along the lakeshore. These colours became the bedrock of the collection. Hues of pink and purple nurture and connect the mind to the body, and these colours are anchored by green, creating an overall feeling of balance between the body and the mind in a natural way.

Helen wanted to wrap the body in soft jerseys and light weight outerwear. There is something for everyone from hooded rain ponchos and cycling shorts to flattering ¾ length leggings, oversized tees and long sleeve crop tops, lightweight printed puffas with fold up bags, and crop hoodies in all colours that will brighten your mind, your body and your wardrobe.


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